Terms & Conditions

1. We only ship by WESTJET Cargo or IN STORE SHOPPING (MARKHAM ONTARIO) This is our preferred method of shipping the fastest and safest way. You will pick up your fish at the airport cargo facility the same day. We do guarantee live arrival. One Box around 8- 24 fishes depends on Size. Shipping is around $100-160 per box Canada Wide depends on weight. Quebec is $50 per box (same day pick up) we have our own Driver travel Toronto to Quebec twice a week. 

2. Freight/packing/and 100% of fish to be paid prior to shipment. 

3. Every Purchase under $500 will charge a $25 fee for the box, Styrofoam, oxygen, and handling fee 

4. All sales are final. We don't accept any returns or refunds. DOA will be store credit for the next purchase. 

5. All payments must pay via CASH,  E-transfer or  PayPal.(plus 3% PayPal fee will be applied) 

6. All shipments must be claimed DOA (Dead on arrival) within 2 hours from pick up time showed as on airwaybill tracking number provided. I prefer you to open the box(es) at the airport to check and send pictures or videos to me as soon as possible.

7. Cichlid Kingdom Canada will not be held responsible for mishandling or poor water conditions in the customer’s tank.

8. We do our best at sending you the sex of fish you order. We Do NOT GUARANTEE fish sex!!!!!! We have 95% of the time able to sex the fish correctly. If you do not trust, please do not place your order. No Refund, no exchange or credits apply.

9. We only ship  Healthy Male Malawi or Tanganyika Cichlids to our customers. Some Rare fishes we only sell them in ratio like 1m 1fm, 1m 2fm. If you need extra females please kindly send us email.

Refunds will be processed within 2 business days from receipt of a valid and accepted claim. Claims for a refund must be submitted in writing to Rock Peng within 3 hours of arrival at the destination (local airport or customer’s designated shipping location). The claim must include at least 4 pictures or a short video of the deceased fish in an unopened bag packed and shipped by CICHLIDS KINGDOM CANADA. Each claim will be reviewed on an individual case by case basis.